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Exhibitions and Awards


Impressions from the exhibitions


Highlights from the Exhibition in Steiner Gallery in Vienna, Austria.

15th of April till 5th of May 2024


Thomson Gallery Art Prize

Won the Artist of the year award with my painting Edgar. Exhibition is going to be from 15th of January till 24th of February. The Thomson ARTPRIZE 2024 is announced annually and enables five finalists to present their art in a group exhibition for 2 months at the Thomson Gallery in Zug. The winner receives a solo exhibition and one of his works of art is purchased for his own Thomson Gallery collection .

WAA Woman Artist Award 2024

Won the Woman Artist Award and the exhibition is going to be from 29th-31th of March in Barcelona. The ward is given by Musa International. This is a worldwide contemporary art prize created to discover, recognize and give support to women artists. The Prize aims to make a major contribution to the careers of artists involved in the dynamic cultural development of societies in transition.

Now 7 successful editions of the project have been carried out in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Berlin and important collaborations as: UNESCO, 58th Biennale di Venezia, PONS Foundation, JOBS Foundation, Espace Commines, BRNO Auction House, Gallery 24B. In recent years, more than 250 female artists from all over the world have participated in the project. The selected artists, in addition to exhibiting their works, receive the annual prize WAA Woman’s Art Award established by Musa International.

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