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It all begins in her childhood, having shown talent at an early age. Her first exhibition was at the young age of 6, where she won a State competition. Having her craft mastered at Art school, her love and devotion to art stayed till this day even though she has chosen a different path in life.


She went on to study at Law School where she got her Masters degree and worked in the High Court in Novi Sad, Serbia for a few years. Throughout her time working in Law, her passion for painting and creating beautiful, colorful, live emotions never disappeared.

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After moving to Zürich, Switzerland she devoted herself to her family who gave her a new meaning of fulfillment and happiness.This period, had awakened her long term desire of making art again so it was like this love affair had never ended.


Through personalized paintings she creates a possibility for everyone to own a painting that has a special and meaningful purpose for them. If a client has a special wish, significant place or a thing that brings them joy, in a curtain dimension or a favorite color, she can accommodate their preferences. If you're looking for guidance regarding which paintings  suit a  certain style to have on your walls, then you are in the right hands. Be imaginative, feel free and make your home your favorite place to be!